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About Us

  • How we started this wonderful firm

Amroc Trade Limited, We are one of the world’s leading Asset Management firms with approximately $2.2 trillion in Assets under management that creates lasting impact for our investors, teams, businesses and the communities in which we live. Amroc Trade Limited was Found in the year 2015, we pioneered a consulting-based approach to private Asset investing, partnering closely with management teams to offer the insights that challenge conventional thinking, build great businesses and improve operations.

Over time, we have organically expanded this approach across asset classes to build one of the strongest alternative asset platforms in the world. This has empowered us to deliver an enduring impact to a diverse group of investors including other individuals.

We power success across the financial world for individuals and institutions through unique insights, thinking and actions. Our investment professionals are well positioned to search for differentiated investment ideas, to uncover the story within the story, the hidden risks and the potential rewards.

Most importantly, the glue that holds all of this together is our culture. We believe it is the sustainable competitive advantage of our firm, helping us to attract, retain, develop, and motivate great people. The shared values of our culture include integrity, collegiality, learning, humility, a sense of humor, respect for diversity of thought, and an unyielding focus on our clients.


Different goals require different approaches.

At the heart of our business are our partners: the entrepreneurs and management teams we back; the investors in our funds; the advisers and intermediaries we work with; and the banks and other lending institutions to our deals.

We are here to win. We are constantly improving, and are committed to out-thinking and out-executing our competitors. We take on what others dismiss as impossible, and solve the hard problems that others walk away from. This is why we hire the best.

We do things the right way, without compromise, the first time – every time. We are direct, decisive and, above all, accountable. We practice sound judgment and common sense in our actions that conforms to the letter and spirit of the law at all times. We win on the merits, with integrity.

We are driven by a thirst for knowledge. We are constantly learning – from each other and from inspired thinkers around the world. We passionately pursue new ideas, new innovations and new strategies that will strengthen our competitive advantage